PAF &friends Visit

During this year’s edition of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival, a nationwide delegation of artists working in the independent performing arts has been invited to experience the festival together within the scope of the association format &friends Visit. Together, they will explore the aesthetics and working methods of the productions of the festival, attend workshops and communication programs, discuss their own practices and take part in a variety of networking events. This result in the creation of a space for artistic exchange, further development and the initiation of long-term collaborations.



FESTIVALFRIENDS is a national festival – association of the independent performing arts. It currently consists of nine festivals: Hauptsache Frei (Hamburg), Der Rahmen ist Programm (Chemnitz), RODEO (Munich), FREISTIL_FESTIVAL (Saarland), IMPLANTIEREN (Frankfurt am Main, the Rhine-Main region), 6 tage frei (Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg), FAVORITEN (Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Phoenix (Erfurt) and the Performing Arts Festival (Berlin). Within the framework of four &FRIENDS formats, the association will network artists and their productions within the festival regions. In addition, representations of the festivals meet regularly to attend exchange and networking meetings.